On the brink...

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There is a momentum building…”Fate” is on its way and with it a whole world of stuff I’ve been working on. Part of me wants to release it all NOW. I’m excited, and a bit unsure - not about the song but about its reception. You never can tell.

In this single driven world we live in now, it’s really odd how much more time and money (spent preferably on recording more music) has to go into marketing, promotion, and merchandising. It’s kind of cool though, music wise, because it helps you pour all of your energy into creating something special; and I think we really achieved that with this song. Shout out to Ted Richardson for producing this with me in his lush recording environment. In the next week or so I’ll be annoucing a date for its release (and I’ll also be moving in to a new apartment with the love of my life. SEE. I told you. So many things coming to fruition!).

Also, don’t forget to come out September 14th to Steel City. I’ll be playing a wicked headlining show - full band with 3/5ths of Pawnshop Roses backing me. AN ALL AGES SHOW. I’ll be spanning my entire catalog of music from Stonethrown to Judah Kim & the Assassination to my latest work. It’ll be a beautiful celebration complete with the ol’ solo acoustic story telling moment packed in too! And reserved seating makes this show especially special. Also on the bill is my dear friend Kevin Cox’s band and solo acoustic opener Olivia Swenson. Click here for tickets


Hear ye Hear ye : New site New Music!

Welcome to the new Judahkimmusic.com! I’ve revamped the site to be more in tune with who I am and with what I’ve got going on. So, CLICK CLICK CLICK AROUND IF YOU DARE!

In other news, I’ve just finished the tracking of a new single called “Fate.” It was recorded at Ted Audio with Ted Richardson at the helm. It was such a relieving experience. I say that because I had a lot of anxiety going into this recording process - for two reasons: 1.) Ted and I, while we do go back a while, have never worked together and 2.) My last recording experience was awful.

At his recommendation, I hired Josh Steingard to play drums. So, it was difficult to come into this situation with confidence because of all the aforementioned reasons. I am glad to report, however, that this was easily the best recording experience I’ve had. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I am really proud of this song…maybe the most proud I’ve been of a song ever. Stay tuned as I post more about the release…better yet, follow me on social media (judahkimmusic) for the freshest news. Peace and Love -Judah